Two significant changes are taking place. First is the advent of Intelligent Malware; second is the Virtualization of Democracy. Together they spell doom for today’s monolith software and general-purpose computer science. However, the science of the Church-Turing Thesis discovered in 1936, mathematically deconstructs these threats, preventing corruption and crime by replacing digital dictatorships and unfair privileges with democratic alternatives.

Kenneth J. Hamer-Hodges wrote the hardened security code for the first Capability Based Computer called PP250. He explores the hiatus and the solution to cyber security by comparing and contrasting the Church-Turing Thesis with several Capability Limited Computers including the Abacus, the Slide Rule, Charles Babbage’s flawless engines, and the PP250 recast as a Church-Turing Machine.

These machines detect and prevent computer errors and cyber-crimes to pass the test of time, allowing 21st Century Digital Democracy of the people, by the people and for the people to thrive, unthreatened by monopolies, dictatorships, false news, and software corruption.

This book is a must-read for anyone concerned with software quality, hacking, malware, and cyber-crime. It covers the waterfront on Industrial Strength Computer Science and faithful, trusted software.’

  • Capers Jones III is an author, and expert on software engineering, software quality, function point cost estimation and an advisor on software quality to the governments of South Korea and Malaysia.

In this provocative book, Ken argues that the monolithic general-purpose computer is outdated, unchanged architecturally since batch processing mainframes were locked in secure computer rooms. The tremendous advances in technology since the Cold War means that computer software permeates every facet of society, networked into complex global interactions under relentless attack. Ken argues these systems are vulnerable to bad actors using intelligent malware. These global shortcomings are destroying cyber-society. Ken’s book is a fascinating insight into the enormous cyber-security problems of 21st-century democratic society.’

  • Peter Venton – OBE, BSc, CEng, MIET – former Major Program Review Chairman for HMG UK.

The Fight for Digital Democracy

Kenneth J. Hamer-Hodges