About Us

The on2See Mobile App

On2See App is a Mobile friendly handheld App available for Android and iOS devices.

In a nutshell this App simplifies life driven by social media overload. Simplifying media access with a localized, privacy driven, one-stop magic bullet. It solves social media registration, validation, monitoring postings, grouping updates and consolidating notifications. The relationship headaches of multiple vertical, stovepipes becomes a self-centered, personal application that horizontally resolves your private, personal and business use with one added value client.

Installation is easy, downloaded the On2See App and join your local community. Local search for “Endorsed’ businesses, schools, and community activities, then become a loyal customers and add your own feedback and postings with a simple common interface. No need to learn and remember the different peculiarities when posting to FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn and Yelp, or any of the many other sites you need from time to time.

Build new local followings as social circles and visit other circles in your area. Make informed decisions on local business and community options, ranging from entertainment to education, health and welfare.

Easily target you messages for increased effectiveness to multiple local groups of loyal customers. Register as a follower or a participant on teams for sport  events, or a school football team. Signal  community events with alerts, reminders and up to date changes, and confirm attendance to scheduled events.


A simple, customized posting, notification and alert network for mobile uses.

  • Increase attendance and expand customer base  
  • Attract residential and travelling clients.
  • Add text to an image and ‘send’ to your prefered social media with one click.
  • Notify the community on events, news alerts, bulletins, special offers, discounts and on demand opportunities.
  • A community tool with global reach for travel plans.

To learn more contact us at:

Phone: 1.954.778.0625 | support@on2see.com | www.on2see.com