Install the App

Download and explore the On2See App at your leisure before registering and selecting from one of several service levels for individuals and small business users. We are certain you will be delighted with this simplified approach to using social media!

You can click this smart link from any mobile device to download for either Android (from PlayStore) or iPhone (from AppStore) , or simply scan the intelligent QR code shown below.

The App provides a user-centric experience to attract the local audience on demand. Specifically as and when a space frees up. The mobile app is a platform for the local community. It hides the technology and avoids recurring costs by sharing throughout the community. On2See is a creative, innovative approach to instant community wide contact.

  • Connect to the community with your branded services
  • Mobile contact for instant services.
  • Interactive platform for a future safe mobile strategy.
  • Clients manage their preferences and services within any neighborhood
  • Businesses share the community wide contact across all interest groups.
  • Interest groups promote themselves within the community
  • Events are sponsored for increase brand recognition
  • Members immediately recognize new service offerings.
  • Community post pictures and content to their neighbors and friends.
  • Incentives offered on demand increase your sales.
  • Reduced overheads on finding new clients.
  • Avoidance costs of static web sites and costly search engine optimization (SEO).

This Interactive Mobile Platform empowers individuals and businesses through speed of contact as targeted interest groups. Consumer and business gain from networking that cut horizontally across all media stovepipes and all business types. The On2See App provides a ready-to-run loyalty application, pre-built for small business success.  We get you up and running with one click notifications and crossover posting, all with detailed reporting at a very limited $10 starting cost.