Object-Oriented Machine code is assembled, class by class linked together symbolically by immutable Capability Keys. It is not statically compiled for shared virtual machines, but protected class by class and Thread by Thread. Each module is walled, gated and guarded independently using Capability-Limited Addressing. These hard digital boundaries exist at machine level detecting and preventing all software errors on the spot. Using a Lambda Calculus Meta-Machine, mathematical symbols become the Capability Keys for extreme, data-tight and media-tight computer security.

Church-Instructions control computational navigation between the class based frames of secure computation. The frames are chained together in private Threads with private data. Nature’s Universal Model of Computation as a Church-Turing Machine combines the Lambda Calculus with Turing’s single tape a-machine. The result has an application DNA from the chain of Capability Keys. The DNA provides the high speed rails in networked Cyberspace to keep the private transactions in line and in scope, throughout distributed cyberspace.