PP250 Excahange circa 1975
Telex Exchange 1975

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Civilizing Cyberspace

A Fight for Digital Democracy

The internet is far more dangerous it seems. It is not just for storage of endless information, but the limitless battleground for the next Great War. A war we may loose.

The Civilization of Cyberspace is fight for Digital Democracy putting private data this hands for people, instead of monopolies, criminals and enemies. Kenneth J. Hamer-Hodges takes a deep dive into the world of digital computers to review their existential threats we face as nation and the established science of solutions.

Kenneth believes is vital to understand nature mathematics for comprehensive cybersecurity to secure ourselves, our identities and our private data from staying in wrong hands.

Grab your copy to learn how cyberspace must be secured and the steps needed for nations to function safely as sound democracies. The WWII architecture use General-Purpose Computers is unsafe. It is will destroyed by Artificial Intelligent Malware. Computers cannot take use further without first returning to roots.

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